I’m a HANDS ON designer
who loves to streamline the design process - 
from research to PIXEL PERFECT delivery,
always with the intention to create THOUGTFUL products and experiences.

The knowledge I gained from my B.A. in Psychology (IDC Hertzelia) plays a major role in the way I approach design, and how I conduct user research, observe its findings, and construct solutions. 

From a young age and to this day I always have a utensil in my hands: pencils, crayons, sharpies, cameras, you name it. This provides me with a life-long experience of creating visuals.

Between studying marketing and advertising (HaBetzefer, IDC Hertzelia), working as a marketing and communication assistant (Servotronix), and creating logos and branded experiences, I've learned a few tricks that I apply in order to design appealing products with clear core values and aesthetics. 

I’m a self taught graphic designer, who became a pro after studying UX design at General Assembly NYC. Since graduation, I’ve used my time to practice my skills across design platforms, such as Sketch, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Design is a dynamic field, so I always stay close to its trends and best practices as it evolves.